The association has teamed up with its partner CIRS to bring you this informative webinar held on a few different times to accommodate time zones as well as languages.


In 2020, Chinese authorities issued a series of health food regulations to support the implementation of the dual-track system of health food registration and filing. On one hand, the scope of health food filing is expanding. For example, 5 functional ingredients including coenzyme Q10 can be used in filing products since March 2021, and gelatin candy and powder would be the available dosage forms of filing in the future, etc. On the other hand, the evaluation methods of registration products are released one by one. In 2020, many test methods had been officially issued, and it is reported that the functional assessment methods would be released recently in 2021.

In order to help enterprises have a better understanding of the latest updates of these regulations so as to take advantage of market opportunities, CIRS will summarize the key points of health food regulations issued in 2020, assess how those changes will impact the registration and filing of health food in China, and make an outlook on the development trend in 2021 during this webinar. (Source: CIRS & HPA-China)

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