The Daily Business has reported that in metropolitan cities, it is common for a company to have a monthly snack benefit budget around RMB 10,000 yuan (USD $1,500), with some companies having a monthly snack benefit budget of RMB 40,000 yuan (USD $6,200) or more. At the beginning of spring 2021, a new snack called “PKPK nutrition bar” will soon enter the market. This is a snack made specifically for office workers. In addition to relieving cravings, PKPK nutrition bar carefully added “brain-awakening platinum quadrangle” – “DHA + PS + MFGM + chia seeds”, and “eye protection golden triangle” – “DHA + flaxseed oil + wolfberry”, to provide a healthier snack choice for burnout office workers. (Source: baijiahao)

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