After the close of market at noon on January 29, KELUN Pharmaceutical announced the approval of two products: “ω-3 fish oil medium/long-chain fat milk injection” and “compound amino acid (15AA-II)/glucose (10%) electrolyte injection” both received the “Drug Registration Certificate”. In the afternoon, the share price of KELUN Pharmaceutical raised to close at RMB 19.05 yuan (USD $2.95) per share, up 3.20%. Among them, compound amino acid (15AA-II)/glucose (10%) electrolyte injection has not yet been imported by the original research, which means that KELUN Pharmaceutical is the first enterprise approved for marketing in China. In recent years, KELUN Pharmaceutical has been expanding the sales of parenteral nutrition multi-chamber bag infusion products, optimizing its product structure and maintaining its leading position in the infusion field. With the approval of the above two products, the number of parenteral nutrition products listed by KELUN Pharmaceuticals has reached 10 products. (Source:

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