For the year 2020, Shuzhengkangxun monitored a total of 7,051 cases of announced health food sampling, of which 7,001 cases passed, 51 cases of products failed, with a pass rate of 99.3%.

Among all enterprises being examined, BY-HEALTH is still the champion of sampling, with all 285 cases of sampled products qualified. The second place is Xinxi Biotech, recorded with 130 cases of qualified sampling. The third place is Guangzhou Shanyuantang, which has 129 cases of products sampled and passed.

A total of 51 cases of unqualified products were exposed by the regulatory authorities, of which insufficient nutrient content was the main problem. Five products failed because of shortage and device differences, and three products were failed due to illegal addition. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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