On December 25, the State Administration of Market Regulation released ten typical cases of antitrust enforcement in 2019, where one of the cases involves the vitamin D3 market.

Upon the review for the new joint venture between Zhejiang Garden Bio and Royal DSM N.V., relevant commodity markets in this case are the veterinary and human vitamin D3 market and the NF grade lanolin cholesterol market. The review concluded that the establishment of a new joint venture between the parties to engage in the production of the intermediate product 7-dehydrocholesterol not only opens up the upstream and downstream industry chain, but also unifies the cost of the core raw material of vitamin D3, thereby enhancing the incentive and ability of competitors to coordinate prices.

The concentration may have an exclusionary and restrictive effect on the global and Chinese markets for veterinary vitamin D3, human vitamin D3 and NF grade lanolin cholesterol. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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