The “Scientific Interpretation of Food Safety and Health Hotspots in 2020 Media Communication Meeting” was held by in Beijing. Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology released ten hotspots in food safety and health, which reflect the main concerns of public opinion in 2020.

  1. Spring Festival prevention – focus on disinfection and control food contamination
  2. Accidental consumption of poisonous mushrooms – the number one lethal factor of food safety in China
  3. Rice fermentation bacteria acid – the culprit of leftover soup poisoning
  4. Immunity – the top health need for consumers in pandemic
  5. Plant-based foods – the new trend in healthy eating
  6. Food security – awakening crisis awareness and eliminating food waste
  7. Livestreaming sales – fixing security holes in this hot marketing
  8. Imported cold chain food – the difficulties and priorities under the epidemic prevention and control
  9. Norovirus – constantly causing foodborne illness
  10. Food allergies – the overlooked “hidden killer” of food safety

(Source: sohu)

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