At the “World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit”, Yili Milk, a leading brand in the industry, held a press conference With Xiaomi. The leaders of both parties jointly launched the “2020 Yili x Xiaomi National Scientific Milk Drinking Program “, which reveals the new choices of nutritious and healthy milk drinking with the power of technology. In the “Scientific Milk Drinking” concept video, young actress Song Yiren demonstrated how to use wearable smart devices to accurately monitor body indicators in real time,  effectively identify human nutritional needs in different life scenarios, and precisely match the dairy products it needs. With the cooperation with Xiaomi, Yili Milk can better match the nutritional elements needed by the human body through the scientific algorithm of nutrition and health, intelligent technology, and IOT technology, in order to further implement a better nutritional supplementation plan. (Source: Sohu)

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