On the evening of December 21, Scitop Bio released an announcement saying that Scitop Bio renewed a three-year Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Mengniu Dairy.  Such an agreement promotes technical cooperation between the two parties, which is conducive to increase technical stability and reduce costs for Mengniu products. It is reported that Scitop Bio supplies food additives, Bifidobacterium lactis V9, and Lactobacillus complex for Mengniu, while the two sides have included Bifidobacterium lactis Probio-M8 and Lactobacillus paracasei PC-01 in the scope of cooperation in 2019. The announcement also shows that, for the years 2017-2019, Scitop Bio’s sales to Mengniu was RMB 230 million yuan (USD $35 million), RMB 240 million yuan (USD $37 million), and RMB 230 million (USD $35 million), respectively. (Source: bbtnews)

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