On December 9, 2020, Nestle officially launched the brand of Harvest Gourmet, which advocate a healthy lifestyle, to the Chinese market at the “Unleashing the Good of Plant-based Food” Conference. At the same time, Nestle’s first plant-based production line in Asia was also officially completed and put into operation in Tianjin, giving priority to providing plant-based product solutions for the food service industry. At the conference, Harvest Gourmet products include 6 products for the consumer market and 4 products for the professional catering industry. By using Chinese flavors to satisfy Chinese stomachs while bringing consumers more choices, Harvest Gourmet focuses on 3 major consumption scenarios: family dinner, late-night overtime work, and three-generation family meal, meeting the dietary needs of different scenarios. For professional catering customers, Harvest Gourmet’s four new plant-based products to provide multi-channel cuisine solutions for restaurants, cafes, food service providers, and other scenarios, including both Chinese and Western-style dining. (Source: Sohu)

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