On the first day of lisitng, JD Health opened at HK $94.5 (RMB ¥79.4) (USD $12.1), up 33.89% from the issue price, and closed at HK $110 (RMB ¥92.9) (USD $14.2), up 55.85% from the issue price. At the closing price, JD Health’s market capitalization was HK $344 billion (RMB ¥291 billion) (USD $44.5 billion). JD Health competes with AliHealth and Ping An Good Doctor in the Hong Kong stock market. After its listing, JD Health has surpassed Ali Health in market capitalization and become the leading company in internet healthcare field. Today, JD Health’s main business includes pharmaceutical retail and online medical services, with the former providing traffic to the latter and the latter creating demand for the former, forming JD Health’s “medical + pharmaceutical” closed-loop model. (Source: finance.sina)

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