Recently, Guizhou Maotai Health Care Wine Industry Co., Ltd launches a new product “Maotai Bulaojiu 1994”. It is reported that the planned production of “Maotai Bulaojiu 1994” in 2020 is 300 tons, and the product will be released at the end of this year. The base wine is prepared by using the traditional brewing method of Maotai with healthy ingredients, and using an innovative soy sauce blending method. The product will target the middle and high-end wine market, with sales channels mainly offline and nationwide distribution.

Maotai Health Care Wine Industry believes that the new generation of social backbone of the population, though shoulders the burdens of life, still maintains a youthful and healthy vitality. These people represent the new face of the contemporary society, but also have a huge demand for alcoholic beverages. “Maotai Bulaojiu 1994” hopes to cut into this demographic and establish a more youthful brand image. (Source:

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