Recently, ffit8 brought a category-breaking product, probiotic protein powder, which refreshes people’s perception of traditional categories in terms of packaging design, nutritional composition and product function. Different from traditional protein powder’s heavy sense of “muscularity”, ffit8 probiotic protein powder’s patented capsule bottle with eye-catching red color is vibrant, easy to carry, and refreshing. More importantly, ffit8 probiotic protein powder contains 4 protein essences, with a protein digestibility of up to 99%, and 16 global patents of probiotics, with probiotic survival rate of more than 95%, to ensure adequate nutritional intake and enhance immunity. It’s also worth of notice that ffit8 probiotic protein powder achieves 8 seconds instant dissolution in ice water, tea, coffee, porridge, and sparkling water, breaking the traditional category characteristics of consumption difficulty. (Source: ifeng)

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