TSI long time member and supporter of HPA-China has some great news below for those in the UK market:

Good news for the four million people in the UK who suffer from osteoarthritis. Just in time for winter’s aches and pains to start kicking in, TSI’s Arthriex, the only high-dose, pharmaceutical glucosamine product approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to relieve the symptoms of mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, is now available over the counter, exclusively at all 2,500 Boots UK locations.

Osteoarthritis is an extremely debilitating disease for which there are few treatments. At high doses, glucosamine can be effective at managing some symptoms. But in 2019, after the MHRA banned supplements containing 1,078mg or more of glucosamine, all high-dosage glucosamine supplements disappeared from retail shelves. 

The introduction of pharmaceutical-grade Arthriex film-coated tablets, the first glucosamine product to be granted OTC (“P”) status, gives consumer access to 1500mg of full-strength, high-quality glucosamine sulfate at a price similar to food supplement brands containing lesser amounts of glucosamine, which are the only other OTC option for UK consumers. 

“Arthriex gives Boots UK pharmacies a distinct advantage because they can now offer customers the quality benefits of a pharmaceutical glucosamine with a distinct osteoarthritis claim,” states Arthriex Product Manager Mike Sunderland. 

TSI worked long and hard behind the scenes for UK pharmacies and consumers 

The OTC (“P”) approval of Arthriex represents years of significant efforts by TSI, the world’s first glucosamine supplier, and the global category leader for more than 20 years. 

“TSI is the first and only glucosamine manufacturer to achieve an OTC status for our product, which was a long and very complex process. That included developing an extensive drug dossier, demonstrating the safety, quality and dosage efficacy, for the MHRA’s review and approval,” explains Sunderland. 

“Only TSI was capable of accomplishing this. We are the only company that manufactures both raw glucosamine and finished products. We understand all aspects of ingredient supply and product development. Not only were we the first to manufacture glucosamine, but we have almost two decades of in-house research and experience creating finished products from our raw materials.” 

Throughout this MHRA approval process, TSI was driven to help consumers and to help its pharmacy customers win in a very competitive market. “Because glucosamine-based products are one of the food supplement market’s leading categories, TSI believes that a “P” status OTC-licensed glucosamine represents a significant marketing opportunity for retail pharmacies. They will now be able to offer customers the option of buying a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade product for their osteoarthritis.”   

TSI now has glucosamine drug tablet approvals in more than 20 countries, and has been supplying glucosamine API to European markets for more than 10 years. The company continues to have a strong, innovative approach to glucosamine, having recently developed a turn-key granulated glucosamine solution to help contract manufacturers with their own glucosamine production. 

In addition to the film-coated tablets, TSI produces glucosamine products in multiple finished product formats including capsules, powders, soft chews, ready-to-drink, sachets, soft gels, effervescents, creams and gels. 

Learn more about TSI’s glucosamine capabilities at www.glucosamine experts.com.

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