ChromaDex Corp. (NASDAQ:CDXC) announced today the exclusive launch of its TRU NIAGEN® EX Stick Packs with Watsons Hong Kong, available online and in all Watsons Hong Kong stores. TRU NIAGEN® has been the #1 selling supplement in Watsons Hong Kong, and TRU NIAGEN® EX offers an alternative delivery method for the well-studied healthy aging vitamin, available to mix with one’s favorite beverage or sports drink.

“The health-oriented customers at Watsons have made TRU NIAGEN® a best-selling product in Hong Kong,” says ChromaDex CEO Rob Fried. “TRU NIAGEN® EX will help us reach the active, fitness-oriented consumer who drinks sports beverages and protein shakes.”

ChromaDex and A.S. Watson Group have been in partnership since 2017 with product launches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. TRU NIAGEN® has received several awards as a favorite product amongst Watsons loyalty members. TRU NIAGEN® EX stick packs further broaden the spectrum of potential consumers.

The stick packs, which each provide 300mg nicotinamide riboside mixed with fiber source inulin (chicory root extract), will offer consumers single-serving packets that easily mix into both cold and warm beverages, including smoothies and coffee. The vegetarian and caffeine-free product is suitable for people who are looking for an extra NAD+ boost for cellular energy and repair.

“Our customers have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving their health every day, and we constantly look for ways to provide innovative and user-friendly solutions to help,” says Samuel Lee, Managing Director of Watsons Hong Kong. “As one of our top selling health products, TRU NIAGEN® has been a widely sought after supplement. We are confident that our customers will be thrilled with the expansion of our partnership with ChromaDex as it provides them with a new option that can be easily implemented into any health routine.”

Supporting cellular defense and repair by boosting NAD+ levels is important for healthy aging. NAD+ levels decline with age as well as physiological stressors including stress on the immune system, alcohol consumption, over-exercising, and lack of healthy sleep cycles. NIAGEN® increases NAD+ levels safely and efficaciously, as demonstrated in nine published human trials.

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About ChromaDex:

ChromaDex Corp. is a science-based integrated nutraceutical company devoted to improving the way people age. ChromaDex scientists partner with leading universities and research institutions worldwide to discover, develop and create solutions to deliver the full potential of NAD and its impact on human health. Its flagship ingredient, NIAGEN® nicotinamide riboside, sold directly to consumers as TRU NIAGEN®, is backed with clinical and scientific research, as well as extensive IP protection. TRU NIAGEN® is helping the world AGE BETTER®. ChromaDex maintains a website at to which ChromaDex regularly posts copies of its press releases as well as additional and financial information about the Company. (Source: Chromadex / BusinessWire)

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