Through the construction of new HVAC systems and independent drying rooms, Sirio’s Europe Plant can realize the temperature control of each individual product as well as improve the drying process of soft-gel capsules in a more efficient and energy-saving manner while at the same time reducing the risk of product contamination. The changes will also enhance overall production capacity.

The facility also introduced some technology from Sirio’s Shantou headquarters to build and install a new vegetable based capsule production line to meet the growing global demand for vegetarian health food.

In the process of upgrading the production capacity of the German facility, Sirio has built an energy-saving thermal power station. According to calculations, the thermal power station can increase power generation by 50% through combined heat and power (CHP). At the same time, using this technology can recycle heat energy, provide power for manufacturing equipment, and avoid energy waste.

General Manager of Sirio Europe Dr. Dominique Baum said “We hope that Sirio will be at the forefront of implementing more environmentally friendly solutions and energy-saving manufacturing techniques for our customers. From the perspective of reducing energy consumption and sustainable production, the facility’s upgrade will bring about great social impact and value. (Source: WeChat / Sirio)

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