At the end of 2017, Sharkfit launched its first product, which is now the number one selling chicken breast brand in the network. By growing more than 20 times, Sharkfit sales broke RMB 10 million yuan (USD $1.5 million) in 8 minutes at Tmall 11.11 Global Shopping Event. The core of room temperature ready-to-eat chicken breast is convenience and health, so its target audience are people with healthy exercise habits.

The founder of Sharkfit, Qiang Xiaoming, said: “The development of Sharkfit proves that, in this era, through the Internet, if you choose the right product, the right people, meet a demand, and establish the brand in several platforms, then your sales can gain fast growth. After the chicken breast brand being established, we used the same methodology to create a series of hit products, such as konjac noodles, whole wheat bread, chicken, and ham sausage, forming a matrix of hit products.” This is how Sharkfit grew from 0 to RMB 500 million yuan (USD $76 million) in Three Years. (Source: foodcapital)

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