Dicos, a Chinese fast food chain, collaborated with plant-based meat protein company Starfield, Shenzhen based company, to launch the vegetarian chicken burgers and chicken nuggets in 2,600 stores nationwide.

It is worth noting that, unlike other plant-based meat products, the price of the Dicos plant-based meat products is very friendly, plant-based chicken burgers, for instance, listed at a retail price of RMB 20 yuan (USD $2.99), or even only RMB 15 yuan (USD $2.24) for members, while Starbucks and other international fast-food brands’ plant-based meat products are more expensive than real meat. One reason for this is that the Chinese plant-based meat brand Dicos works with, Starfield, has managed to control R&D and production costs with its scalable production capacity. (Source: Sina)

Starfield’s legal name is Shenzhen Zhouling Food Technology Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2017. For another article on Starfield: CLICK HERE

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