On the Third Chinese International Import Expo, Aland brought their exhibition theme, “Makes Personalized Nutrition Possible”. As a world-renowned health factory with a production capacity of 30 billion tablets, 9 billion soft capsules, 6 billion hard capsules, and 16,000 tons of powder, Aland is able to meet the daily nutritional needs of families around the world. Also, through the flexible intelligent supply chain production system, Alan is able to customize distribution according to customer needs, generating personalized nutrition packages directly to the home logistics.

Alan also owns a genetic testing brand, OmicsFit. Through the analysis of genetic data based on artificial intelligence computing model, OmicsFit takes into account the user’s metabolic ability, demand for nutrients, acquired lifestyle, and other dimensions to build an intelligent evaluation system, which can provide support for personalized nutrition programs.(Source: Shuzhengkangxun)

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