For the first time, the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing has disclosed JD Health’s listing application, and, in the prospectus, JD Health revealed many key metrics. JD Health’s 2019 revenue growed by 76%, with annual revenue of RMB10.8 billion yuan (USD $1.6 billion) and net profit of RMB 370 million yuan (USD $54.7 million). In the first half of this year, the epidemic further drove the demand for digitalization in the domestic healthcare industry, leading JD Health’s online consultations to be nearly six times higher than last year’s. As Chinese largest online healthcare platform, JD Health has more than 150 million cumulative users, including more than 72.5 million annual active users in pharmaceutical retail. The Chinese domestic health and wellness industry is expected to approach RMB 22 trillion yuan (USD $3.25 trillion) by 2030, when the digital share is expected to reach 25.9% of the market. (Source: Tencent Tech)

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