The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) launched special operation to eliminate “Special Supply” and “Exclusive Supply” labels. Food (alcohol, beverages, health food), porcelain, bags and other socially reflected commodities are specially focused. Abbreviations and word play, such as “RMDHT” (Great Hall of the People), “ZXZY” (for Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), ” QGRD” (Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress), “GYZY” (for state banquets), “JD” (army), are also investigated in this special operation. If the monitored information is really illegal after investigation, product information and published advertisements will be ordered for immediate deletion, and involved company will be punished for responsible subjects in accordance with the “Electronic Commerce Law”, “Advertising Law”, “Anti-Unfair Competition Law”, “Food Safety Law” and other regulations. This special operation continues until the end of February 2021. (Source: Shukangzhengxun)

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