Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and other regions have all made it clear to improve the product traceability system. Among them, Shanghai is in the forefront by issuing clear requirements: by the end of November 2020, the relevant health food enterprises in the city will achieve 100% food safety information traceability coverage and information uploading rate. From December 2020 onwards, consumers can conveniently check the traceability information of health food products operated by relevant health food enterprises in the city.

Acctrue Tech has served more than 5,000 customers from various industries, including Bayer, Wyeth, Nu Skin, Yubuntang and many other brands, and has been widely recognized by the market. Acctrue Tech’s Linklink Health Products Tracing Platform has always been committed to providing advanced digital solutions for the “one commodity, one code” concept. (Source: Newradio)

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