Viya is a well known internet personality and Key Opinion Leader in China.

Baiyun Mountain Notoginseng Power, launched by the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, is a hit on the market after the well-known product Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea.

Viya’s collaboration with Baiyun Mountain Notoginseng Power gave her fans unexpected benefits. In the retail store, the price of Baiyun Mountain Notoginseng Power is RMB 268 yuan (USD $38.56) per can, but in Viya’s live-streaming channel, customers can make the purchase at a special price of RMB 99 yuan (USD $14.24).

In order to make a more persuasive recommendation, Viya specially used Notoginseng Power to make a big bowl of delicious soup.  Therefore, when 11,591,700 people watched Viya’s live-streaming at that night, such a strong discount immediately attracted her fans, and nearly 10,000 cans of Baiyun Mountain Notoginseng Power were quickly snapped up. (Source: yidianzixun)

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