China’s food industry is developing quickly with innovation in mind. In order to meet various needs of consumers, many of the food industry leaders, have already launched a “one food two eat” products.

Small Sample gel candy can not only be consumed directly, but also can be brewed with milk tea, to become a cup of brown sugar pearl milk tea.

Shanghai Yuezhe Food launched an instant biscuit which can be made into a hot porridge.

Shuanghui’s new Sausage product can be cooked in boiling water to restore the Eight Treasures Congee in 2-3 minutes.

Yili Ambrosial yogurt’s new set comes with a wooden stick, which can help make a yogurt popsicle.

According to Nielsen, 46% of Chinese consumers like to try new things, and, therefore, the “One Food with Two Eating Choices” marketing mode is a further attempt to seek breakthroughs from younger consumers. (Source: Xinyingyang)

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