Special Medical Formulations, in order to meet the special needs for nutrients or diets of people with eating restrictions, digestion and absorption disorders, metabolic disorders or specific disease states, are specially processed and prepared for consumptions under the supervision of a doctor or clinical nutritionist.

Special Medical Formulations in China has had a relatively rocky history of development because it’s not being added into the hospital billing or regulated for usage, until the release of the “Regulations for the Registration of Formulas for Special Medical Purposes” in 2016.

After the Special Medical Formulations got on the right track, the industry faces the consumer group of 210 million inpatients, discharged patients, and 260 million patients with chronic diseases, demanding the special medical food with an overall market larger than RMB 250 billion yuan (USD $36 billion) a year. According to the China Nutrition and Health Food Association statistics, the current special medical formulations market size is about RMB 3 billion yuan (USD $430 million), therefore expecting to attract more industry capital investment. (Source: CHNFA)

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