In 2020, the first half-annual figures from 4 direct sales companies is as follows:

Herbalife: China revenue was RMB 2.77 billion yuan (USD $399 million), up 18.37% year-over-year, contributed to 15.31% of company net sales (compared to 13.99% in the prior year period) and ranked fourth in worldwide net sales.

Nu Skin: China achieved net sales of RMB 1.97 billion yuan (USD $284 million), down 27.88 percent year-over-year, and ranked first in the worldwide net sales.

USANA: China results were RMB 1.57 billion yuan (USD $226 million), down 5.89 percent year-over-year, contributing to 43 % of the company’s net sales, and when excluding currency factor, Chinese sales actually increased 1.8% in the second quarter.

NSP: China was up RMB 10.4 million (USD $1.5 million), or 11.7% (15.4% excluding currency), compared to the same period last year, including a RMB 15.3 million yuan (USD $2.2 million), or 33.9% (38.6 percent excluding currency), increase in the second quarter.

The exchange rate has put pressure on the companies’ results from various financial reports. The impact of the epidemic coronavirus is slowly passing and the figures show that sales in mainland China are gradually recovering. (Source: Shukangzhengxun)

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