After five years, BY-HEALTH’s market capitalization broke RMB $40 billion yuan (USD $5.76 billion) again this week. On August 11, BY-HEALTH’s closing price was RMB 25.85 yuan/share (USD $3.72), with a total market capitalization of RMB $40.9 billion yuan (USD $5.88 billion). There is room for continued growth from the current trend. The health industry suffered a market downturn in 2019, and the epidemic coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 continued to have a negative impact on production and operations. In such a harsh environment, as a leading enterprise, BY-HEALTH’s performance remained relatively stable.

In the first half of 2020, BY-HEALTH achieved operating income of RMB 3.125 billion yuan (USD $450 million), up 5.23% year-on-year. In the second quarter, with the epidemic coronavirus getting under effective control, terminal sales and brand promotion activities were resumed.

BY-HEALTH’s Chairman, Mr. Liang, Yunchao addressed that “BY-HEALTH’s core market strategy of 4+2+1 is to activate the entire VDS business and to expand the market.” and the stock share proved that the capital market is very optimistic about BY-HEALTH’s new “4+2+1” map. Ultimately, the dynamics of the industry will depend on the market demonstration of the head companies and their policy-driven efforts! (Source: Shukangzhengxun)

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