On August 20, BY-HEALTH’s application for issuing shares to specific targets was accepted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange. BY-HEALTH proposed to raise funds of RMB 3.608 billion yuan (USD $530 million), for a total of six projects. In addition to supplement liquidity of RMB 600 million yuan (USD $87.4 million), the other five projects are Zhuhai production base fifth-phase construction for RMB 1.557 billion yuan (USD $230 million), Zhuhai production base fourth-phase expansion and upgrading for RMB 438 million yuan (USD $63.8 million), Australia production base construction for RMB 377 million yuan (USD $54.9 million), nutrition and health management center for RMB 1.5 billion yuan (USD $220 million), and digital information system for RMB $299 million (USD 43.6 million).(Source: Shukangzhengxun)

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