Yakult: 'Drink Yakult Every Day' | Ads of China // 中国广告

The Japanese probiotic drink brand officially announced its plan recently to enter the third and fourth tier cities of China, after entering the Chinese market 18 years ago.

The brand recently signed cooperation agreement with the high-tech district of Wuxi, Jiangsu province to set up its second factory in Wuxi and expand its production. It also announced that it would open offices in Hengyang of Hunan province, Wuhu of Anhui province and Zhaoqing of Guangdong province.

The company already has set up over 40 branches in 30 provinces in China, reaching saturation in second tier cities.

Yakult accounts for over 60% of the market share in China’s probiotic drink market. In 2019, the daily sales volume of this brand was 7.6 million bottles, up by 100,000 bottles from a year ago. (Source:qq.com)

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