As researchers are doing their part to create the viral weapons of the future, it is up to society to do theirs. COVID-19 was a test run for how well we as a global community respond to such an attack. Well unfortunately, we didn’t do so good. From China not sounding the alarm fast enough to the rest of the world’s complete failure to take this seriously. “Ah it’s just a flu, what are you worried about?” “Why are you stupid people wearing masks, they don’t work?” These were common statements just weeks ago, but are now seen as misinformed.

Yesterday, I left the house for the 1st time in 10 days for a grocery run to Hmart (Asian Supermarket), Costco and HEB (Texas Supermarket). Although these stores are all located within a five mile radius, they were a great example of how the U.S. and Asia have been dealing with the virus. Both Costco and HEB had many staff and shoppers not wearing masks or protective wear. Conversely, Hmart’s clientele (mostly Asian) and workers were all wearing masks. Staff were also at the entrance handing out disposal gloves. Asian countries have taken this more seriously and thus have done a much better job. Masks protect you and those around you. (Source: Jeff Crowther)

Below is an interesting behind the scenes article on the history of virus research and why it isn’t so popular until now. Click Below Image:

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