Now that China is getting back to business as usual, the State Council released the below guidance to ensure that continued safe measures are in place, so as not to exacerbate the situation. Below is the link to the original Chinese language release:

There are three sections with nine subsections covering a variety of situations at home, work and public areas.

The core point of this guidance is to accept the fact that although China is getting back to work and “regular life”, the rest of the world is not. China wants to keep its citizens vigilant during the months ahead.

Of note, it is barring the gathering of large groups of people, which will certainly affect upcoming expos and conferences scheduled well into the Summer.

This is unfortunate for China, but best we all go above and beyond what is necessary to defeat this common enemy.

China already stopped the inflow of international travelers, so even if expos went forward they would see approximately a 30 percent decrease in attendees and perhaps a higher percent lose of exhibitors.

If you are based in China and are planning to attend expos or conferences in the coming months, be sure to check websites or call organizers to get the latest information on cancellations or rescheduling dates. (Source: HPA-China)

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