Good old Vitamin C to the rescue! I’m sure many of you have seen the news below about intravenous C treatments for covid-19. Working in the supplement industry as well as focused on China, I thought, “excellent piece for the promotion of the industry and way to go China for stepping outside the box”. My next thought was, “why was vitamin C treatment utilized as almost a last resort”. In the article below the doctors seem to stumble on the news from China about vitamin C use. I hope this situation causes more in the medical community (schools) and the population in general to realize the importance of supplements for daily health as well as their uses in combination with pharmaceuticals for treating acute or chronic disease. Another ingredient they should be looking at is N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). It’s highlighted on PubMed for being a strong antioxidant and immune booster as well as having good results in treating pneumonia, COPD, liver toxicity, inflammation and many other ailments. Medical schools should spend more time educating their students on the importance of supplements. This is not a dig on doctors as they are working with what they have at hand and are all rockstars especially now. (Source: Jeff Crowther)

Check out the below article from the New York Post

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