My years living in China trained me to wear a mask during bouts of high population and/or during the months that flus and colds were circulating. Seeing the U.S. tell people not to wear masks from the get go was really strange. Think about it, if you’re in an elevator or in close proximity to some that is coughing and they’re not wearing a mask, wouldn’t it make sense for you to have one on? Anyway, I’ve been masking it anytime I go to the supermarket for essentials. If you have a mask wear it when around other people and if you don’t have one or don’t want to wear it, please don’t chastise others for doing so or for obeying social distancing practices. Some jackhole yelled at my mother, she’s 77, the other day in the supermarket while waiting in line. She politely asked him to backup as he was breathing down her neck. He immediately went off on her, “You stupid people and your flu, blah expletive blah expletive blah. He was obviously out and about looking to spew his ignorance. Unfortunately she was alone and the store staff didn’t come to her aid. My poor mom left there store in tears. What a feck’in arse! Hopefully you don’t run into any “shite birds” like him. Stay Safe Peeps! (Source: Jeff Crowther)

Check out the below article published on March 30, 2020 ABC news via Yahoo

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