During the coronavirus period, the search volume and consumption of health food rapidly increased.

Dingdang Kuaiyao, the medicine delivery online platform, said that during the special period, the number of the platform’s online order was up by eight times from a year ago, accumulating to over 9 million times in total. The in-demand products include facial mask and alcohol-based sanitizer, the sales volume of which was up rapidly.

According to Suning.com, the sales volume of disinfection cabinet was up by 205% from a year ago, and the search volume of dish washer was also up by 283% from a year ago.

According to Alibaba Health’s data, during the virus period, the sales of probiotics were up by 113% from a year ago. The sales of glucosamine chondroitin were up by ten times from a year ago and other health food is also selling very well. (Source:nadou.jimei.com)

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