AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — C4, America’s #1 pre-workout and fastest-growing energy drink brand, is spreading its signature blend of better-for-you performance energy across the globe. After a dominant year domestically—marked by nearly 2,500% growth, becoming NYC’s fourth-largest energy drink brand, and breaking into the top 15 energy drink brands nationwide—carbonated C4 is exploding into 2020 with significant global expansion.

No stranger to the international market, C4 already enjoys strong worldwide brand recognition and currently sells pre-workout powders in over 100 countries. Carbonated C4 is experiencing rapid growth in key areas like Dubai, where it has established a strong partnership with Zoom, the largest convenience chain in the region. As a next step, the brand kicks off its official UK launch this month.

To introduce the UK community to C4’s performance energy power, the brand is hosting an exclusive event at WIT Training—part of WIT Fitness, the UK’s premier sport and fitness apparel destination. The sold-out day includes workouts, Q&A, and an exclusive meet-and-greet with two world-renowned C4 athletes: reigning four-time Fittest Man in the World Mat Fraser, and five-time Games competitor Brooke Wells. The kickoff will be emceed by WIT’s own Head of Training, Gustavo Vaz Tostes, and attended by distribution partners, gym owners, fans, and athletes.

C4’s parent company, Nutrabolt, recently hired 15-year industry veteran Russel Kaffenberger as VP of International Business Development, Beverage, to further supercharge its international growth. Kaffenberger specializes in rapid global market development and has successfully established beverage markets for some of the industry’s most notable brands.

“We’re excited to accelerate and spread the upward momentum of C4 to the world,” Kaffenberger said. “We’re working on local EU manufacturing opportunities and actively developing top international markets, including the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, and additional European countries. We’re excited to paint the globe yellow in 2020 with a better-for-you performance energy drink formulated to help enhance people’s everyday lifestyle.”

Powered by CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, BetaPower® betaine, and other clinically studied ingredients that support explosive energy, alertness, and performance, C4 is available in nine amazing flavors with zero sugar, sodium, carbs, and calories. 

Visit findc4.com to experience C4 near you in the US, and look for the C4 brand in the UK at a rapidly growing list of more than 1,000 retail locations. To add the power of carbonated C4 to your retail cooler, contact iwantc4@nutrabolt.com today. (Source: prnewswire.com)

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