At the end of November,the seventh China Nutritionist Conference is Held in Beijing.

This conference is themed with “ Health China’s practitioner-Nutritionist”, and aims to promote professionalization of nutritionists, and develop the training of nutritionists and competitions to select tools suitable for nutritionists, and emphasis on the training the clinic logic of nutritionists.

“Yang Yuexin,Chairwoman of the China Nutrition Society, said that a nutritionist is different from a nutrition expert. If a nutrition expert is mainly at the forefront of scientific research, then a nutritionist is a front-line practitioner. At present, the development of nutrition in China is only a few decades, and the field of nutrition is not so extensive. This requires our generation of nutritionists to unite, develop skills and tools with professional spirit and professional skills, and lay a solid foundation for serving the entire people.”

This conference is made of sessions of opening speech and report, nutrition and health management, nutrition and health surrounding life circle and professional development of nutritionists. (

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