According to the latest version of health food naming guidance was released by the national market regulator, which specifically requires no misleading of consumers, and no mentioning of disease treatment or prevention function.

The guidance mentioned that, health food naming should be in accordance with the national regulation and relevant guidance. One product can only have one name, which reflect the authentic nature of this product, and simple.

The name should also make it easy for consumers to remember and in accordance with the language habit of Mandarin.

If this product is based on one single ingredient, it should be named by the general name of this ingredient. If it is mixed with several ingredient, it should be named after its major ingredients, which in principle, should not exceed three ingredients.

Those health food which have already gained approval certificate can apply for keeping its original name, or if apply for changing the names, the applicant should indicate the original name along the new name, and use in this way until the applied period terminates. (Source: baijiahao)

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