This is a question many companies ask us here at the association. However, there isn’t an easy answer. Reason being, China’s Health Food Product Industry is a broad category and isn’t defined the same by all. For example, the overall “health food product industry” is made up of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, teas, yogurts as well as a variety of other food products which are registered as health food and finally a blurry line of OTC products like Centrum, Caltrate and other supplements that were registered years ago prior to health food product registrations existing. There’s also a grouping of items called health products that are also sometimes added to the mix such as massagers, health magnets, ointments, compresses, tonics, etc.

With that said, it makes pinpointing the exact sales volume challenging and results in market estimates to span a wide range with differences in the billions. Most international companies are interested in gaining the sales volume of dietary supplements or nutraceuticals, which focus on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, digestive enzymes, sports nutrition, probiotics and omega-3 supplements. Below the association has pulled together some figures from various sources in China ranging from US$25 billion to US$65 billion. The reality is somewhere in the middle if just looking at dietary supplements, so around 35 billion USD would be a good estimate. The below figures were sourced from public sources on the internet and social media.

1. China Industry Information– 2019 Health Food Industry, estimated to be around 177.9 billion RMB (25 billion USD)

Health Foods 55.21%

Tonic Products 33.45%

Weight Management 6.51%

Health Products for Kids 4.8%

Sports Nutrition 0.02%

Market Size 2018 – 162.7 billion RMB (23 billion USD), Year on Year Growth Rate 9.8%, estimated CAGR from 2018 to 2023 is 9.1%.

2. ASKCI Corporation– 2019 Health Industry size is estimated to be around 350 billion RMB (49.8 billion USD), year on year growth rate is around 12.46%

3. Euromonitor– 2018 Health food Industry market size 257.5 billion RMB (36.6 billion USD), Year on Year Growth Rate 8.4%

Vitamins and Dietary Supplement 54.3%

Herbal/Traditional Products 32.7%

Health Food for Kids 7.5%

Weight Management 4.7%

Sports Nutrition 0.7%

4. Shuzheng Consulting– 2018 Health food Industry market size 460 billion RMB (65 billion USD), Year on Year Growth Rate 10%-15%.

2018 Alibaba sales scale reached 22.6 billion RMB, growth rate 44.6%

2018 offline sales reached 35.1 billion RMB

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