Recently, the national market regulators have once again released the regulation draft regarding the ad review of medicines, medical equipment health food and other food of special use to gather public opinion.

It is the third time that the agency gathers public opinion for this ad review regulation in less than 8 months. It shows that the national government agency pays a lot of attention to the ad regulation of health food.

According to the regulation draft, ads of health food, food of special use, medicines and medical equipment that are not reviewed by the authority should not be released.

The ads of health food and medicines should not read words including safe, no side effect or little side effect.

The ads of health food should contain the five elements: the approval number of health food ads, the logo of health food, the applied group, the not applied group, “health food is not medicine” and no health food can replace medicines to cure disease. (Source: baijiahao)

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