– Tmall.com, Tmall.hk, Taobao.com (Alibaba)

“Singles Day” also known as “Double 11” because it is held on November 11th each year broke records again. The final volume of double 11 shopping festival on Tmall ended up at US$ 38.3 billion (268.4 billion RMB) in 24 hours, compared to US$30 billion (213.6 billion RMB) in 2018 and US$24 billion (168.2 billion RMB) in 2017.

The number broke US$14 billion (100 billion RMB) in 64 mins, which was 43 mins sooner than last year. And in only 86 mins, the number broke US$17 billion (120.7 billion RMB) which was equal to the whole day’s sales for double 11 in 2016.

Over 2,000 brands offered  half-price bonus and over 66 brands’ discounts exceeded US$1.4 billion (10 billion RMB). 148 brands reached US$14 million (100 million RMB) in only 2 hours. Over 500 million active users did purchases on Taobao App, it was estimated to be 100 million more new participants than last year. The total commodities reached over 10 million including 1 million new products. New consumers, new consuming habits, new supply models and new consumer scenarios were arising.

The 544 thousand orders flew per second online at the peak, it was 1,360 times higher than the 2009 first double 11 festival. And yesterday, Alibaba also became the first internet company, worldwide, who 100% run the core trading system on public cloud.

This is also the first time that Apple joined double 11 festival officially, and offered discounts of more than US$142 (1,000 rmb) for Apple 11 series. In 10 mins, the sales volume reached 7 times the number of last double 11’s whole day sales.

Guangdong province became the top 1 which contributed most on T-mall followed by Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Shandong.

– JD.com

JD finalized US$29 billion (204.4 billion RMB) sales compared to last year’s US$22.8 (159.8 billion RMB). The number of JD plus members grew to over 150 million who averagely contributed 4 times orders as non-plus members.

JD are strategically reaching the lower tier cities, yesterday, there were over 40 thousand JD offline stations went into this “Annual Battle” providing logistic and finance service to hundreds of millions of consumers in towns and even villages. Over 70% of the new consumers were coming from the lower tier cities. The JD self-owned logistic service is bringing 92% products to consumers in 24 hours, even in 90% towns and villages, the JD logistic can get the products delivered in 24 hours.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer service effectively solved 91% of the consumer’s requests, which equaled to a saving of the monthly workload of over 2,000 customer services reps. The JD finance served over 300 thousand small and medium sized companies and over 700 thousand private business owners, the cumulative total amount of the loan reached US$85.6 billion (600 billion RMB).

-Supplements on JD:

In 6 hours, the sales of imported supplements fulfilled the whole day number of last double 11. Ten brands of all supplements reached 100% growth rate over last year including By-Health, Swisse, GeneHarbor, Schiff, Abbott, HerbalMax, MuscleTech, Centrum, Nestle and Yang Sheng Tang.

– Suning.com

The Suning total orders increased by 76% over last year and the new joined members exceed 1 million people.

Suning business started from offline, so this time over 13,000 offline stores also went into battle. All the stores covered 18 cities and over 230 million people. The offline Suning stores and plazas served over 10 million visitors and grabbed around 41% of the total sales.

This was the first time Carrefour joined the Suning double 11 festival and achieved 2 million orders and US$44.5 million (312 million RMB) sales which was 43% higher than last year. Another point needs to be mentioned is, Suning sponsored the final of E-sports game Hearthstone S2 international, which led over 20 million people to the online store.

Like JD, Suning is also working hard to build the offline logistic system, during the day, Suning sent 99.6% orders out. The delivery program “Suning Second” received 869% more orders than last year and 99.26% orders were finished in 30 mins. Moreover, another program “Lightning Towns” planned to deliver 520 thousand orders and install 350 thousand appliances, 97.6% of which were finished in 24 hours.

AI helped Suning create over 200 million design works which equaled to the one-day workload of millions of designers working. (Source: HPA-China, Charles Diao)



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