According to Xinhua News Agency’s report, health food industry is bothered by illegal issues.

The government, led by the national market regulator, has officially issued guidance including the health food alert wording guidance and the management of health food’s ingredient catalogue and health function catalogue. The relevant policies would help to boost the healthy development of the health food industry.

The root of the substandard conducts in the local health food industry lies at the fact that health food is regulated based on special food management. However, the quality of the registration and the overlapping product issue has brought a lot of difficulties to the review and approval. This leaves loophole for vendors who takes the risk to conduct pyramid sales or false advertisement.

To put it simply, health food has been walking in the void area between food and drug for a long time. It has claimed to be better than general food in terms of function, while enjoying the market entry bar that is much lower than drugs.

In the past, a lot of people advocated that government agencies should better implemented its due responsibility, and promote the establishment of company’s credit system, and to blacklist those who play afoul.

Thanks to the new policies, the health food industry would expect to develop in a healthier way in the future. (

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