Newrank, one of the largest social data analytics company in China, recently released a report regarding online content. Let’s dig into some of its central insights.

WeChat Key Opinion Leaders

One of the main trends pointed out by the Newrank report is the increasing amounts of large WeChat KOL campaigns.

Between 2017 and 2018, the amount spent on WeChat KOL campaigns of more than 100k RMB jumped from 40% to 58% of the total KOL investment.

This trend reflects the fact that larger influencers tend to yield a better return on investment for brands. It also reflects the fact that as the WeChat KOL market is maturing, the view traffic is also consolidating into fewer larger accounts. The top KOLs are most likely overpriced, but at least brands can see a real return.

When it comes to which companies are investing the most in influencers, large Internet companies and FMCG brands are leading the way. This is mostly because these groups tend to have deeper pockets and can invest in more significant campaigns.


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