“Blue Hat” registration mark for health food products

At the end of May, 13 more health food got approval from the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), the second batch of this year, which signals that the number of health food approved this year is going to be more than last year.

All the approved products this batch, which include those applied in 2010 and those applied in 2014, are domestic products.

At the end of 2018, seven new “blue hat” were approved, which signals that the approval of functional health food has been kicked off. However, the research over assessment method of health food’s function and ingredient’s catalog is still under way.

Shuzheng Kangxun thinks that the development model of China’s health  food industry would grow from marketing-driven to technology-driven. (Source: Shuzheng kangxun)

HPA-China Commentary: it’s a good signal to see products once again getting approved. However, it is well known among the domestic industry that there are literally thousands of approvals waiting in line. The backlog is so large, not sure the SAMR can ever catchup.

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