WeChat mini-programs have been taking China’s e-commerce industry by storm. Built on top of WeChat’s existing platform and IT infrastructure, mini-programs are mini-apps that customers can access and use without leaving the WeChat app. 

Users are using mini-programs in lieu of mobile apps to book movie tickets, order food delivery, and more, making it an increasingly important channel for retailers to engage customers.

However, the complexities of China’s internet ecosystem make it difficult for U.S. retail players to understand WeChat and how WeChat mini-programs work. 

Despite having been around for two years, only a handful of top global brands have begun to sell to China with WeChat mini-programs.

Azoya Consulting’s newly-published report, The WeChat Mini-Program Playbook for E-Commerce, gives a basic overview of WeChat mini-programs and delves deeper by showcasing how leading brands such as YSL, Dior, and others are using them to engage customers.

Download the report to find out more, and learn how you, too, can use mini-programs to better engage your customers. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE.

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