Lu Qingguo, chairman of CCGB and representative of the National People’s Congress, told reporters that the false advertisement of health food should be better cracked down, and more positive promotion should be made to better lead the local consumers.

At the same time, Mr. Lu also pointed out that at this moment, over 80% of ingredient for health food in the U.S. are from China, while many Chinese consumers prefer to buy health food from abroad.

At this moment, China is the world’s second largest health food market with over 200 billion yuan of market value. However, the industry still needs to be better regulated, especially given the recent Quan Jian scandal, and other issues including overpricing and false advertisement.

In recent years, the process of health food official approval has become very slow. A lot of applications of health food are stuck in the health food accreditation center. New products that companies have invested a lot to develop fail to get official approval in time, which has damped companies’ incentives to develop new products.

Mr. Lu said that the current health food system is not well-developed at this moment, and health food ingredient extracts still have no national standard to regulate, which has dragged the innovation of health food companies in developing new products.

Mr. Lu suggested that the review and approval of health food should be accelerated, and new review system for health food should be established. The national agency should also enhance financial input to research health food. (Source: dstoutiao)

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