March 15th marks China’s annual consumer’s day, where bad brands suffer the consequences on a very public stage.

At a press conference of the ongoing national congress meeting, Zhang Mao, chief of National Market Regulation Bureau, told reporters that the state agency will release information of the ongoing special campaign to crack down over illegal conducts in the local health food market, and will destroy a batch of counterfeits or fake health food products.

Mr. Zhang said that the counterfeits and substandard health food products have severely harmed the market order. This year, food and drug will be key fields to be highlighted by regulators, and will conduct the most severe punishment towards all counterfeits and substandard products.

The national regulators are also researching on relevant issues regarding health food, including how to define health food, apart from drugs and general food. The local government should not back any health food company to better protect due rights of consumers. (

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