In the existing regulatory system, health care products are mostly concentrated in food. However, in reality, there are still many non-food health products such as Quanjian “inferior insoles” and “negative ion sanitary napkins”. How should these products be regulated?

In response to the above problems, on January 30, at the second meeting of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, Jiang Nan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, submitted a written proposal to recommend separate legislation for health products.

Jiang Nan believes that China’s existing laws and regulations are more focused on health food, but now the development of the health care products market is not limited to food. As the concept of health care products is not clear, the regulatory authorities cannot investigate and deal with the illegal production or business enterprises that violate the law or the varieties do not meet the quality requirements. It can be seen from the Quan Jian incident that such as “high price insoles”, “negative ion sanitary napkins” and fire treatments are cited as “magic medicine” under the packaging of various speech. These products other than health food products should be effectively regulated.

To this end, Jiang Nan suggested, first of all, at the legislative level, to further regulate the types and scope of health products. He said that China’s current “Food Safety Law”, “Advertising Law” and “Health Food Management Measures” have provisions on health foods. Among them, Article 2 of the “Administrative Measures on Health Foods” stipulates: “The health foods referred to in these Measures It refers to foods that have a specific health function. “But the definitions of “health products” and “health foods” remain unclear. Jiangnan suggested that legislation on health products should be carried out separately. Health products are different from traditional foods and different from medicines. The scope of regulation of health products should be expanded. The provisions for health products include not only food but also health care products, health care cosmetics and supplies. Wait. Restrictions on the preparation, production, and advertising of health care products, and solve the chaos in the health care products market from the legislation.

Secondly, Jiang Nan suggested that the law enforcement level should increase the intensity of law enforcement and punishment, and focus on cracking down on the order of health care products. The market supervision department shall set up a special working group, focusing on the gathering areas of the elderly, such as the community, the old-age institutions, the market, the urban-rural junction, and the business units with hotels and clubs, and the activity centers. In the elderly health products and advertising, the existence of false, exaggerated and other market chaos is rectified according to law and investigated. We will focus on punishing fraudulent and false propaganda activities for illegally selling health care products, increasing the punishment of illegal advertisements for various health care products, resolutely banned the sales of illegal and illegal health products, and comprehensively regulate the health care products market.

Third, at the social level, we will increase publicity efforts and encourage communities, old-age care institutions, and neighborhood committees to carry out popular science popularization and raise awareness of prevention among the elderly. In addition, we will further enrich the spiritual life of the elderly and increase the exchange activities of the elderly in the community. Reduce the behavior of some bad merchants to use the mentality of the elderly to be deceived. (Source:

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