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It is a well-known fact that every other teenager in China wants to become an “influencer”, “KOL” or “WangHong” (网红): a social media personality with a large following and glamorous lifestyle.

But how much do influencers make in China? And how does that compare to the revenues of Western influencers?

China’s influencer ecosystem is much more involved with brand promotions. There are two main reasons for this difference between mainland China and the rest of the world:

  • CPC/CPM (cost per click/cost per impression) advertising is less developed in mainland China. In the U.S, advertisers will see a very good return on investment from Google and Facebook advertising. There is no direct equivalent in China, and much of this budget is redirected to influencer campaigns
  • Followers of Chinese influencers are much more tolerant toward advertising. Whereas sponsored posts tend to create a backlash in the West (accusing influencers of “selling out”), Chinese followers tend to embrace and encourage collaboration between influencers and brand they love or are interested in discovering.

When it comes to cost, WeChat influencers tend to be on the higher end of the price scale. A typical WeChat campaign will cost between 0.5 RMB and 1.5 RMB per view.

For instance, WeChat influencer “After Party”, with 550,000 followers and about 32,000 average views charges 40,000 RMB for one post. WeChat KOL “blogger手账” with 70,000 average views charges 33,000 RMB for one post.

Overall the cost of one WeChat influencer campaign averages around 1 RMB per view.

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