Acurit Medical Communications (AMC) has partnered with HealthProducts Association – China (HPA-China), a U.S. non-profit organization. Since 2010, HPA-China has been representing international dietary supplement and nutritional ingredient companies that are operating in China. The association’s area of focus is to provide its members regulatory support and a variety of business services to assist in their China endeavors.

HPA-China Executive Director Jeff Crowther had this to say, “This partnership will bring value to both international and Chinese natural health food companies alike. It will also enhance the ability of both organizations to assist their members/clients to better understand and navigate China’s ever-changing natural health food industry.”
美中健康产品协会执行总裁Jeff Crowther(杰富礼)先生说:“双方的合作将为海外和中国的天然健康产品公司带来益处。两个机构联合,可更好地帮助各自的会员和客户了解中国不断变化的天然健康产品行业,以在中国更快发展。”

As a first step of the partnership, AMC is providing Chinese articles to HPA’s WeChat official account, focusing on the latest scientific trends for supplements, nutrition and overall health. The articles aim to share credible nutrition knowledge to HPA-China’s audience and WeChat followers.

“These articles, translated and edited from reliable English sources, will help the readers understand the latest research in nutrition. They also provide a window to showcase AMC’s strong expertise in literature review for health supplements and nutritional ingredients.”Founder of AMC, Dr Amanda Mao explained.

Click the links below for the first two articles that have been published (in Chinese).

缺了这种维生素,得抑郁症的风险增加75% │科研新发现


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