China has continued to promote supply-side reforms during 2018. With the further roll out of policies and programs targeting financial deleveraging, medical reform and the issuance of Internet healthcare policies, the development of an Internet-based healthcare system is, at the same time, an unprecedented opportunity yet one replete with challenges. On November 29, China’s online healthcare platform hosted the Jianke Doctor Rebrand & 2018 Jianke Partners’ Conference in Shanghai, at which, executives from several leading domestic and multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, investors specialized in the healthcare sector and representatives from Internet healthcare companies gathered to explore the development of an innovative model for the Internet healthcare sector. At the event, announced the new brand image for Jianke Doctor to the public for the first time, and entered into a strategic collaboration with Pfizer.

Jianke Doctor’s rebranding launch ceremony

With the aim of creating a one-stop “Internet + healthcare” service scenario, upgraded its Jianke Doctor brand. At the conference, Liu Yanchun, MD and chief physician of the Dermatology Department at Beijing Ditan Hospital, Professor Hong Baofa, chief physician at PLA General Hospital, and Xie Fangmin, CEO of, jointly announced the new Jianke Doctor brand. The changes undertaken in terms of the ecosystem underlying the Jianke Doctor reflect’s efforts in accelerating its entry into the smart online healthcare space., the first B2C Internet drug company to be approved and be in full compliance with all medical requirements for operation in Guangdong province, received the Qualification Certificate for Medicine Trading Services on the Internet in 2009. The company has since formed strategic partnerships with thousands of drug producers across China, each of whom directly supplies product to the online firm. In June 2017, received the Qualification Certificate A for Medicine Trading Services from the China Food and Drug Administration, becoming one of the few companies granted the full complement of class A, B and C certificates in the country. The Jianke Doctor platform now has 100,000 registered doctors who provide more than 300,000 consultations per day.

With the rebranding, Jianke Doctor will continue to provide patients with a valuable online healthcare service experience. Mr. Xie explained the main features of the rebranding effort:

  • upgrades in the efficiency and quality level of the online consultation service through the addition of an AI-powered medical assistant;
  • improvement in the management of chronic disease patients through a single disease management program;
  • enhanced scientific education for patients through the Dajianhao content platform;
  • better physician resources through an increase in the number of participating Internet hospitals.

The expected result is a much improved connection between hospitals, physicians and pharmacy network resources, forming a smart healthcare service loop integrating the three resources.

During the conference, also signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with US-based global pharmaceutical leader Pfizer whereby both companies will leverage their leadership in their respective fields and successful practices to implement a patient-focused strategy in terms of retail, hospital services and internet healthcare, in addition to co-creating an omni-channel retail system that combines online and offline channels. signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with US-based global pharmaceutical leader Pfizer (PRNewsfoto/

Ren Xiaoxiu, general manager of national retail business at Pfizer China, said, “Pfizer China will leverage’s internet-based new retail channel to create our own B2C and online-to-offline businesses as well as develop a brand-new marketing channel. In addition, Pfizer China will capitalize on the resource of over 6,000 physicians specialized in issues related to males at Chinese Grade III, Class A hospitals shared by to combine mobile healthcare with our own products with the aim of providing more patients with access to high-quality healthcare and raising awareness among men about the importance of maintaining good health.”

The continued implementation of the supply-side structural reform across the supply chain in China was a key factor in’s ability to become the leading unicorn company in the pharmaceutical e-commerce sector in terms of offering the most comprehensive and enhanced guarantee in the authenticity of the products sold, something unprecedented in the Chinese market. In the medical drug traceability field, plans to implement the blockchain + anti-counterfeit label technology, which establishes one QR code for each item with the aim of assigning a unique identity to each drug in the supply chain system. Each member organization participating in the traceability of drugs sold on the platform will take responsibility for the recording of the drug information on the blockchain throughout the process from production and distribution to sale with the goal of ensuring the traceability of information about each drug sold on the platform.

Executives from leading Chinese internet platforms, including Tencent and Baidu, and Prashant Tandon, founder of India’s largest digital health platform, which boasts over 18 million application downloads and 160 million monthly page views, discussed related topics at the event. Mr. Tandon also shared India’s experience in the exploration and development of the online healthcare sector. Additionally, he spoke highly of’s achievements in pioneering and building the Chinese online medicine and healthcare sector, which he believes will serve as an example for boosting the development of the online healthcare sector in India.

Mr. Xie also shared his opinions on the research that went into the development of the internet healthcare development model. He explained that, with internet healthcare now an emerging sector, the shift from a disease-oriented to a health-oriented concept will be the next focus and industry players will need to develop mature and diversified business models. He further added, “We look forward to growing with our partners and standing side-by-side at the forefront of the internet healthcare sector with the aim of allowing more people to benefit from a new smart healthcare platform.” (Source: PRNews

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