At a recent expo of TCM industry in Gansu, Guo Yunpei, the chairman of China’s Pharmacy Management Association said that China’s health industry value reaches 90 billion dollar, while the number in the US is over 1 trillion dollar, which indicates that China has great potential to develop its health industry.

Mr. Guo said that China’s health industry includes the medical industry, and the other industries of medical equipment, health food, and other customized physical test services and consultancy.

By April, the 28 provinces in China have released relevant development plan or health service plan to boost the health industry development. The industry has also attracted a lot of attention from internet companies and investors.

“TCM is a major source of health industry, and the system is accordance with consumers’ health needs, and the development of health industry would help bring more opportunities for the TCM industry,” said a local company representative. (source:Xinhua)

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